Limos Alive Bus Rentals Blog Prom 2016

Limos Alive Bus Rentals Blog Prom 2016

Booked the party bus AGAIN! This time for prom

Prom is coming around again. What limo service are you and your friends planning on booking with this year? We definitely are going with the Limos Alive Limousine Bus Rental in Chicago package. We used them for my sister’s bachelorette party and it was too cool! They came and picked up the south side batch of girls in one spot and then we picked up the north siders in a separate pick-up location. We headed downtown for a night of Chicago fun. It was immediately known that this would be the way my friends and I would be traveling this year for prom. It was so convenient and comfortable. It was cool and classy. It was so much fun. I refuse to even consider another way or company. It’s the highlight of any night. Prom’s huge, so every choice and detail must be in accordance. Most importantly, it’s affordable fun. My friend’s all heard about Limousine Bus Rental in Chicago, and you get your good accounts and bad accounts. Any story I’ve heard associated with Limos Alive has been more than good. They have so many success stories that it just seemed obvious which company was the best choice. I, myself was dazzled that night we went out on my sister’s bachelorette party. I started researching and pricing the very next day for our upcoming prom. I liked what I found, saw, and heard. Limos Alive had the most satisfied customer reports and allowed us the flexibility to personalize our night’s events however we saw fit. We decided it’d be a nice addition to our night to stop and take some pictures along the way downtown before meeting up with our class for our pre-prom cafe reservations. Limos Alive Limousine Bus Rental in Chicago was o.k. with whatever we want to do, and worked with us to plan this all out and make it possible. It is going to be so cool! I know it will be just as much fun if not MORE fun than the last time. It was the first detail we worked out and now I can dedicate my time to more difficult decisions like how I’m going to wear my hair!

Here is a great Video of one of our buses.